Don’t give up your power

You have more than you realize!

For most LGBTQIA folks, the idea of voting can be a source of contention. We don’t see ourselves reflected in the systems around us, so why should we bother?

That thinking is one part of why only 1 in 5 members of our community is registered to vote.

Voting is one of the most powerful ways that an individual living in a democratic society can be heard. If it wasn’t oppressors and opponents of our communities wouldn’t spend so much money and work so hard to silence us?

The reason we don’t see ourselves reflected in the systems around us is because we don’t actively participate in them. However, we have often not participated because of our own personal traumas around the systems we exist in and also because those who are in power, continue to change the game to make it harder for communities like ours to vote.

Don’t let anyone continue to steal your power!

This year, we are working to ensure that everyone who wants to vote can and to make sure that our community is no longer ignored by working together to queer up the vote! Make a commitment to cast your ballot, and join us on Nov. 8th as we celebrate our participation in Democracy.

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Voting is a trans* issue 

All issues, are Trans* and Intersex issues.

From wanting to strengthen our infrastructure to addressing climate change, immigration laws, employment issues, the housing crisis, attacks against bodily autonomy, to tackling the surge of violence in our country, protecting democracy and beyond.

Every single one of these issues impacts Trans* and Intersex people more disparately than any other community. In fact, Disabled QTIPOC (Queer, Trans*, Intersex, people of color) are the most impacted community in the world for the issues around us.

Organize with us

We all deserve to thrive

its time to find and realize your power

All people, regardless of race, gender, class, or ability deserve to thrive.

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that unless we are cisgender, heterosexual, and white that we have do not have power. However, we have more power than we’ve ever had before. Together we will learn how to use our voices at the polls and otherwise, to make noise and to be heard.